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Free Document CD’s

The Solution to your Document Storage Problems

Data CD

Electronically scanned documents stored to a Document Management   CD-ROM allow you to dispose of the paper mountain whilst retaining valuable  information.

Stand-alone CD Just place the CD into any PC with a CD drive and the disc automatically starts - no need for any pre-loaded software its instant document management.With full indexing and search facilities, provided by ScanFile software, on each disc fast access to stored documents is guaranteed.

PDF - CD’s  Enable you to view as a stand-alone CD or to copy onto a hard drive forming a collection of stored documents, the product of several separate CD’s.

  A Sample of your documents ,on CD - Free of Charge

You can have a CD containing a sample of your own scanned documents absolutely FREE of CHARGE !

We will arrange to collect a sample of your documents from you, or you can send them to us. Pagefree will then scan them, index them and save them to a document CD-ROM.

This CD can be used in any PC that has a CD player. It contains its own search and viewing software - all free of charge.

If you would like to see what storing company documents to CD can do for your company - with no obligation, please complete this form and let us do the rest.

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Up to 18,000  A4 pages on a single CD-ROM That’s two full filing cabinets!


Why Choose Pagefree ?

Quality, Reliability and Acceptability

Pagefree has built an enviable reputation for the highest quality of both product and service. this is supported by references  from a wide range of clients in  Industry, Commerce, Legal, Medical and Local Government organisations.

To ensure that scanned documents are acceptable , to the appropriate administering authorities, all the procedures used comply  with British Standard DISC PD0008 ( Legal admissibility of Information Stored Electronically ) and the recommendations of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & administrators.

Established for Over 13 Years

Pagefree started life in 1998 in Denton, Manchester.    Originally serving Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and a radius of some 30 miles Pagefree quickly grew and moved to new premises. From here we were able to service a much larger area and soon established clients as far away as the West Midlands.  Growth has continued as a result of the high quality of service and the personal care of each client

Pagefree Clients ...whilst many of our clients are well known names there are many small to medium sized businesses who all have  one thing in common. That is that they benefit from the best service possible no matter what their size or the type and quantity of their document scanning requirement.

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The Benefits of Document Scanning Services

Save Space

With the cost of office space rising you can get rid off paper documents leaving you free to use the space for more productive projects. You may be able to avoid a move to new premises or increase your revenue by renting or selling the space.

Save Time

office before




Improve customer service

Now that all your documents are fully indexed it takes only a few seconds to find exactly what you want. No more searching through boxes on the highest shelf and no more traveling to another part of the building or even to another location. A warehouse full of documents can be on your desk.

Now that documents are available in seconds you can answer queries whilst the person seeking information is still on the phone. That’s no more call backs that have to be made several times and could even be forgotten. What a boost to your company image !

Protect your information

With your valuable company documents on a CD-ROM an additional copy can be produced for storage offsite giving you protection against loss due to Theft, Fire, Flood or accidental loss. Documents stored on the Internet with secure back up offer the same protection.


Take it with you

With a document Cd or Internet based documents you can view your documents in seconds on any PC no matter where you are. Now you can take all the information to client or expert advisors such as your accountant, solicitor,  Tax or VAT office protected by your personal password

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F A Q  - Frequently Asked Questions

What does Document Scanning Cost ?

Always a frequently asked question. There is no simple answer as document types vary considerably so the best option is to let us give you an accurate quote. But to give some idea. If we assume your documents are all A4 and are in perfect condition i.e. no staples have been used , no folds or damage, all are single sided, black & white images are required and that they are in batches of 500 requiring one index entry of 15 characters for each file then  the inclusive cost of scanning would be approximately 28.00 / 1,000 pages.

Can Indexing be automated ?

What happens to the paper afterwards ?

Yes providing that the Index information is clearly printed on every document and that it is always in the same position then OCR ( Optical character recognition ) can be used to read the indexing information and this can be automatically entered into the appropriate index fields.

The paper documents can either be returned to the client after scanning or they can be securely & confidentially shredded. I they are to be shredded a period of one month after the scanned images are returned is allowed for checking. After this time a destruction authorisation is sent to the client. When a signed copy of the authorisation is returned then  & only then will the documents be shredded.

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Pagefree Ltd make regular scheduled collections from: Manchester, Stockport, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire with collections from other areas by arrangement

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