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Scanning Service Costs

The cost of scanning documents can vary widely dependent on the type of document, the amount and frequency of indexing, the size and quantity of documents involved.

Scanning Prices from 19 per 1,000 images ( +VAT ).

Fully Inclusive prices from 26.00 per 1,000 images ( Including Collection/ Del, Preparation, Scanning, Indexing, Copying to Media or Cloud storage )

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Helpful Quantities

To help you in estimating the number of pages that you wish to include in the quote the following guide to the quantity of documents found in different types of storage may be helpful.

Lever Arch File

Large Bankers Box

Filing Cab Drawer

400 pages

2,200  pages

2,800 pages

Small Bankers box

4 Drawer Filing Cab

1,800 pages

11,200 pages

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6 Ways to Cut the Cost of Document Scanning

It may strike you as unusual that the Scanning Bureau are giving advice on cutting the cost of having your documents scanned. Well, I must confess an element of self interest as well as wanting to do the best for prospective clients.

A scanning project has to pay for itself and in fact be profitable, therefore, the lower the cost and the higher the profit the greater the probability that the scanning project will go ahead. No one benefits from a project that never gets off the ground and so it is in both our interests to save costs where we can.

Cut Costs

It is important to ensure that the scanning methods you are undertaking are the best for your needs. In these difficult financial times cost is always an important consideration and considerable savings can be made by following these simple steps:

1.    It’s Black & White

Use black & white images wherever they will suffice. They are far cheaper to produce and the smaller file size helps with storage and handling. A large collection of scanned colour documents will slow down the response of your server and if you use cloud storage will significantly increase the charges.

2.    Indexing

Keep indexing to a minimum - more search fields means more cost. If you must have additional fields see if the information exists anywhere else. We had a client who wanted six fields of index  for each document but during discussions we discovered that they had all the information already on disc. We were able to index one field and import the others - a huge saving.

3.    Care for Documents

Promote good care of documents - torn, folded, damaged or riddled with staples will cost you. If you have torn documents instigate an office policy of repairing them using “ Scotch magic clear tape “ or similar, straight away. Never repair using staples as these will not go through the scanner. If the bureau has to do a lot of this repair work it is going to cost.

4.   Colour Considerations

Where ever you can, use colours for the backgrounds that stand out from the print when viewed in mono-chrome. That is light backgrounds and dark printing. never write in green pen on red backgrounds, it may look nice but will cause problems for scanners.

5.    Highlighters

Use only light coloured highlighter i.e. pale yellow, as dark shades of green,  red or blue will tend to obscure the print they were meant to highlight.

6.    Photocopies

Ensure that an office procedure is in place to prevent multiple copies of a document, or individual pages, being sent for scanning as part of the same file. Another variation of this, much loved by Insurance companies, is the sending of several identical advertising  brochures for scanning. On some occasions we have found up to six copies of colour sales brochures from one insurance provider, all exactly the same and in one file.

***  You will note that I have mentioned the putting in place of procedures. It is far easier to do these jobs whilst the documents are in normal daily use than it would  be to go through them at the month or year end.

Good habits, not many hands, make light work.

Good Luck and don’t forget to ask for a

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