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A Special Service for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Small Business sCANNING service

We acknowledge that smaller businesses have requirements and circumstances that differ from larger and generally more established businesses. This is the reason why we have devised Document Scanning Services that are aimed at helping to help these companies.

SME’s differ form larger operations because

  • Access to in-house IT services is limited or simply not available
  • Cost free storage space is not available
  • Paper Documents may need to be removed quickly but no budget is available to cover costs
  • Flexible scanning methods needed
  • Flexible payments are required to help company cash flow requirements.

With these points in mind Pagefree have devised a Document Scanning Service that can take care of all these areas.

What does the SME Scanning Service offer ?

  • Technical Simplicity - Whether the solution is conventional or cloud based Pagefree support their clients and ensure that all solutions are simple to employ even to those who are non-technical.
  • Storage of all Documents awaiting scanning - where required we will remove documents as soon as required and the scan them to a time scale that suits your needs. So get rid of the paper NOW and then scan to plan.
  • Flexible plans for scanning - Combining of different scanning techniques and technologies to give you the best of all all worlds. This may well involve combining of software and even use of both conventional and cloud technologies.
  • Flexible payments - we appreciate that cash- flow is tremendously important to smaller businesses and therefore we have a range of offerings to help with this. Scanning of documents over ab agreed period with invoicing as you go can make a big difference and when combined with Credit Card/ Paypal payment schemes we can help out.

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Paypal Payments


*  Note there is an additional charge of 3.4% for payment by Paypal. This is to cover the charge that we receive for this service and we believe is a small amount to pay for the additional convenience of this service. The payment will be clearly shown on the invoice.


It couldn’t be simpler:

  • You let us know that you wish to use the Paypal service.
  • We do your scanning and send you an invoice.
  • The invoice arrives by Email  with a link to Paypal and full invoice information *
  • You click on the link which takes you to the Paypal Secure area where you are asked to pay the required amount.
  • You pay via your paypal account or by using an acceptable Credit or Debit card.
  • Your payment is accepted and you are sent a full VAT receipt.

and that’s all that there is to it.