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Scanning to PDF

PDF ( Portable Document Format ) introduced by adobe is a universal document storage format. Images can be viewed with the Adobe Acrobat viewer which can be downloaded free of charge from their web site. The format gives several advantages over the others in common use. These advantages include:

      Compact file size with all formats, fonts, layouts and styles preserved.

      What You See Is What You Get ( WYSIWIG ) documents can viewed as exact images

      Independent of hardware, software or operating system i.e. Windows, Unix or Mac

This format is highly suitable for -  PDF e-books, Legal, Technical and Reference Documents.

Pagefree offer the service to scan to PDF format or for those clients who already have scanned images in other formats we can provide a conversion service.

Types of PDF

There are three types of PDF document - They are:

Formatted Text & Graphics

This type of PDF preserves the text of a document and a graphic bit map for all non-text items. Where the original document is a scanned image this method necessitates manual correction of the OCR( Optical Character Recognition ) text.

The main advantage is that the process of conversion is less costly.

PDF Searchable

In this format it is possible to view an exact image of the document whilst being able to search the Text produced by OCR. The Text however can not be edited it is for indexing only. There is a low level of manual correction required and so the cost is reduced however because of the retention of full images this format takes up more memory.

This has to offset against the advantage of having an accurate image of the original which is invaluable where the document may be required in a dispute situation

Image Only

This is as above but without any OCR produced text for search purposes. This disadvantage can often be minimised by the use of book marks, subject or keyword fields to provide a system of indexing. In some applications this produces a more useful method of searching for individual batches of documents.

Many companies especially in the legal field are using PDF and building their document systems around it. Pagefree scan directly to PDF or can convert existing documents into the PDF format. Whether the requirement is for image only PDF or for the searchable version, where electronic images have been converted to searchable text plus images, we will ensure that your exact requirements are satisfied.

 Pagefree are also able to help our clients to develop document management systems based on Adobe Acrobat. By  utilising the meta tags, to provide an advanced file searching facility just as you would expect from a full blown document management system, we can provide a high level of search capability but at a fraction of the normal cost. There  are a wide range of Document Scanning Services for every possible scanning requirement.

If your requirement is for people on the move to access documents using a secure code then we can provide Cloud Based Storage that will do just this.