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Importing into Existing Systems

If you already have a document management system, or a software specific to your profession, it makes sense to use this for the control of your documents.

The benefits of having all your information in one place are obvious and most software systems make provision for the import of digital documents and their index data.

If you would like a bureau service to undertake the scanning and the production of index data in the format required by your system we would be pleased to advise.

We have considerable experience of scanning and indexing in the formats needed by many of the best known document management systems, but, if you have a software that we have not worked with before this is not a problem.

We will work closely with the manufacturers of the software to ensure that our scanned images and index information are delivered in the format that you require for simple direct import into your document system.

You need not become involved everything will be done for you. We will even prepare a small demonstration sample for you to try prior to scanning larger quantities of your documents.

For further information please call us on 0800 008 7995

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