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Storing your Paper Documents

Are you looking to improve the storage of your paper documents , then we have the answer.archive boxes

    Reduce document Storage costs

    Improve Security of stored documents

    Faster, effortless access to important information by file or by box

    Compliance with legal & professional requirements

With experience gained from working with businesses of all types and sizes we can find a solution that exactly matches your needs.

Utilising our free document survey you will be able to plan the best document storage solution by combining your knowledge of the needs of your business with our versatile and flexible storage offerings. we can arrange:

    Business Document and record storage

    Deed and legal papers storage

    Film, Photographic and Audio storage


Clients will be provided with a detailed report of their requirements and a program for continued management of the records, including storage, protection and recovery services.

Additional Services

Collection and Delivery

Provision of storage boxes, and  range of storage media

retrieval and document on demand service

Document end of life scheduling and confidential destruction

Active file management

Compliance and British Standards

Secure convenient service complying with:

ISO 9001 Accreditation

BS 8555 Accreditation

BS 7858 Security screening of staff compliant

BS EN 15713 secure destruction of documentation compliant