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Document Management Consulting

Let us help you to meet the challenge

The paperless office is now becoming  a reality and make no mistake what ever stage you are at on the the road there are still challenges ahead.

You are no doubt asked to manage an ever increasing mountain of documentation with E-mail and other media adding to  the difficulties of handling large quantities of traditional documents.

Now is The time to get it right

Like so many of us your document filing and indexing systems have evolved over many years. The structure that once worked so well has been subject to dramatic changes and it’s no wonder that it is beginning to groan under the strain of new demands.

The Cloud brings clarity

Document Management Consulting

With many UK companies preparing to store and manage their documents “ in  the cloud” there has never been a better time to make sure that your filing structure is right for the job. Cloud document management will not cover or correct basic errors in file structure it will only make them more damaging and frustrating.

If you want to do the job once and ensure compliance and efficiency our 15 years of experience is available to you.

Assistance to suit your needs

Whether its a 30 minute free consultation or the planning and implementation of a large project we can tailor a service to suit your needs.

Wide ranging experience

With so many different products around it’s nice to get sound advice no matter what you are looking to do.

  • Improve manual filing systems ( paper)
  • Move to digital documents
  • Set up local storage systems
  • Implement a cloud storage solution
  • Provide records management
  • Share and distribute documents
  • Introduce or improve workflow

Lets talk about it

With a, no obligation, 30 minute free consultation at your premises there really is nothing to lose so why not call us.

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