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Document Scanning

Converting paper documents to electronic images can bring huge benefits to your business. With the cost of physical storage increasing plus the additional hidden costs of staff time to retrieve documents increasing year by year converting to a paperless document system makes sound financial sense.

In addition to cost savings Digital documents can greatly improve workflow and control within your organisation. The advent of Cloud based Document management systems is also making the sharing and distribution of documents faster and easier. As a result the ability of teams to work together and collaborate over long distances has dramatically increased.

With a strong growth in the number of employees working away from the office documents in digital form have become a must.

The First Step

The first big step is to get your current paper documents into an electronic format. This is the stage at which the greatest benefit can be wrought for the least outlay. Many businesses decide to scan their own documents which has it’s own advantages but it can be costly and the idea that the most junior staff can be “left” to do this when there is nothing else to do often leads to tragedy.

One way to prevent this is to out-source the conversion of paper to electronic format and place the responsibility with a company who specialise in  this type of work. This is far simpler than may at first be thought. A quick look at exactly what pagefree’s document scanning service covers shows that there is little else for you to do after agreeing your requirements with one of our highly experienced staff. So lets take a look at the service it’s self.

Scanning Bureau Services

The following services are all offered by the scanning bureau and are often included in the standard charge for document scanning.

Document Storage

Whilst your documents are awaiting scanning and for some time after they are completed they can be stored by Pagefree allowing you to free valuable space immediately.

Should you require a document whilst it is in our storage awaiting scanning we will find it and send it to you by fax,Email post etc.


 The confidentiality of your company information is of paramount importance to all the staff at Pagefree. to ensure that the highest level of  data security is maintained all staff are subject to a written confidentiality agreement and are trained on a regular basis to ensure that they comply with the highest standards.

Collection & Delivery

All documents are collected and returned to the customers premises by our own drivers and are fully insured at all times.This is included in our standard prices so that you have no extras to find.

Document Preparation

Your documents will be removed from files,  flattened, destapled and checked for content to a customers specification that will be agreed with you.


Pagefree can provide a scanning service for the following types of document: A4 & A3 printed pages, Large Drawings up to A0 in size, Continuous computer stationary, and small documents down to ticket size. Documents can be scanned in Black & White, Gray scale or Colour.


document Store
Collection Service
Scanner Medium

Full indexing can be provided with the fields and their contents agreed by you and your Pagefree representative before commencing the project.

Text Recognition

our scanned documents can be converted to active files for use in applications such as Microsoft Word etc or stored as pdf files to suit your requirements.

Quality Control

Quality checks are in place at every stage of the production process meeting the requirements of British Standard DISC BIP0008 and other relevant standards and ensure that the scanned images that you receive are of the highest quality.

Document Disposal

Your documents can be returned to you or  CONFIDENTIALLY shredded by an ISO9002 accredited specialist. Certificates of Destruction are available.

Your shredded documents are recycled


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Unique Pagefree Double Guarantee

To give you the absolute maximum peace of mind we offer this unique double assurance of the quality of our work, your satisfaction and the ring fencing of your budget.

  • Quality Guarantee If our scanning service does not deliver exactly what you were promised in your quotation, then, we will immediately correct any problem or give you your money back !
  • Budget Guarantee We have such confidence in our ability to estimate total costs that - Where we have quoted a total  cost for the project we will agree that this will not be exceeded under any circumstances provided that the project remains as viewed for the quotation.
Scanning Guarantee

Quality and Cost 100% Covered


Some of our many Satisfied Clients

Here are some of the many satisfied clients that have used the services of Pagefree Ltd with just a brief indication of the type of work that they had undertaken by our staff.

Calyx Group Ltd

Conversion of Hundreds of equipment manuals to PDF the work included scanning of A4 sections of the manuals plus the interleaving of Large format engineering drawings and circuit diagrams.

These documents were scanned due to the fact that they were irreplaceable and as a requirement of the disaster recovery plans for the company.

City of Salford Council

  • Building Services Records - Scanning of all building services records A4 and large format drawings for all areas within the city.
  • Personnel Files - Scanning of all personnel/ HR records
  • Right to buy files
  • Medical adaptations records
  • Lift maintenance records

Latimer Lee LLP

Scanning to PDF of this Solicitors legal client files of all types.

Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter -Day saints

Scanning o f church financial records form around the world and storing to indexed CD’s. This client has been with Pagefree since the bureau first opened and has been helped through many technical developments to enable them to get the greatest benefit from new technologies as they became available.

Chorlton High School

Scanning of pupil records both ongoing and a backlog of six years. All files fully indexed and stored to CD

“ Working with Brian Gregory at Pagefree couldn’t have been more straight forward. Working in a busy school it is important that any service providers we have are efficient, friendly and produce the goods hassle free.

Brian from day one, of an unknown process to me, was there to talk me through and advise me as to what I needed

Overall Pagefree is an excellent company to deal with.

Alison Meehan

Eden Supported Housing Ltd

The Quote Says it all:

“Eden Supported Housing has been working with Pagefree for over 3 years now, in matters relating to the electronic archiving of sensitive information relating to service users we provide care and support to and members of staff we employ.

crucially for us, they operate and deliver a highly confidential, professional, simple, effective and reliable service.

We always find Pagefree staff to be courteous, prompt and knowledgeable.

If we have any issues or ideas we need to discuss, they are always encouraging us to call them to chatit through.

Even though we are based some distance form Pagefree’s base there is no hesitation from them to come out to work with appropriate staff.

Tony Sharpe

Motorist Services Ltd

Pagefree digitised many of the records of this very large Insurance organisation including client files, finance records and HR records. This work included a six year archive and ongoing regular scanning work

Institute of Science & Technology

Scanning to PDF of all membership information including application forms.

Hydes Brewery Ltd

Pagefree undertook the scanning of financial records including invoices for this well known Manchester Brewery. The work included an archive of some  five years plus ongoing annual scanning.

Trinity Law Cost Draftsmen Ltd

Scanning of Legal Case files and transmission via “The Cloud “ to the clients remote site. All documents scanned as indexed Tiff

United Cinemas International

Coversion to digital form at of all this companies property files which included deeds and architects plans  building progress etc. in addition finanvial information for all properties including performance reports scanned to Cd.

Redbird Conveyancing

Scanning to PDF of client files both archive and ongoing.

Brother UK Ltd

“We have been using Pagefree’s Document Scanning Services for a number of years, I have no hesitation in recommending the company. We have always found them to be competitively priced and service is always delivered on time, pleasant and friendly staff easy to deal with excellent customer service”.

Maggie Robinson                          Brother UK Ltd - Manchester 

Pagefree Ltd make regular scheduled collections from: Manchester, Stockport, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire with collections from other areas by arrangement

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