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On-going Scanning

When contemplating the scanning of ongoing documents many of the problems encountered in scanning large archives no longer apply. The quantites are invariably much smaller and as they will arrive at regular intervals it is possible to set up regular procedures for dealing with them.



The first consideration must be the frequency of collection of documents this can vary from daily collections to annual collections. The frequency will depend on many factors including the type of documents, the frequency of retrieval and probably most importantly the work cycle of the documents

Work Cycle

The work cycle for a particular type of document refers to the number of times that it is used throughout various stages of its life. Some documents may well be used very frequently for the first month and then little after a second month with only a very rare requirement for viewing after that. On the other hand there are documents that will be required as frequently after six months as they were in the first days of their life.

The reason for scanning documents may well vary from one type to another. Some documents may be scanned and then the scanned versions will be the ones to worked , in some cases the paper documents may go directly to the scanning company and only the electronic copy provided to teh client for processing. This is a very different case than one where the paper documents are worked on by the client and only released for scanning when the amount of work still to be carried out on them has dropped to a very low level.

Pagefree will work closely with you to determine the most effective frequency of collection taking into account the above and also the turnround time agreed at the planning stage. when this is finaly determined it will be incorporated into the scanning scahedule and specification.

Document Collection

A collection schedule will be drawn up and put into action. Pagefree will call you a few days before the collection is due to ensure that your documents are ready and that we have arranged a time convenient for yourselves.

Document Scanning

The procedure for document scanning is much the same as for the archive documents but it is often more important that documents can be retrieved quickly if they are needed before they are scanned but after they have been collected.

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