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Legal Admissibility -  Popular Questions



Are scanned document images acceptable to courts of Law, VAT, Inland Revenue?

If you have implemented the British standard  10008:2008 ( evidential weight and legal admissibility of electronic information ) - then the answer is YES.

Will BS 10008 ensure acceptability

Whilst following BS 10008 will ensure that the documents have the greatest probability of being accepted it is no guarantee. Often even the original paper documents will be challenged and their authenticity only established after lengthy investigation

What is BS 10008

This recent standard includes the three parts of the code of practice widely know as BIP 0008-1, BIP 0008-2 and BIP 0008-3 which were originally published in 1999 as PD0008:1999.

Will Pagefree ensure that we comply with the standard

Whilst all the procedures used by Pagefree are in line with the recommendations of BS 10008 the responsibility goes much further than this. The requirement for compliance starts from the moment that the original document is generated and it is therefore necessary for for the client to ensure that they are complying with the requirements both before and after the documents are collected for scanning.

Are there other organisations to be considered

It is always advisable to confirm with any one who may have an interest in your documents that there is no problem in disposing of the paper based originals.      This should include your VAT inspector, Inland Revenue, Solicitor and any professional body who govern or regulate the activities of your particular type of business.

Document Retention Times

If you are unsure of how long you should keep information the following table should be very useful.

Note I carefully used the expression information and not the the word document. I am simply trying to stress that the original paper documents need not be retained as in most cases scanned images or microfilm copies are absolutely acceptable. I would recommend that you check with any professional bodies with whom you must have compliance, just to make certain that they do not have any particular stipulations

Free Document Audit

We would be pleased to provide a free audit of your documents and to propose a document and record strategy to meet your requirements.

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