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Document Scanning Services for Solicitors

No matter what area of the legal profession you work in, we have a scanning service to suit you.

  • Solicitors
  • Law Cost Draftsmen
  • Conveyancing Specialists
  • Also Suitable for the Client files of Insurance Brokers, Claims Companies, IFA’s & Accountants

What can Scanned Document Services do for you

  • Reduce your documents storage costs
  • Make the transport of documents to and from experts and clients both simple and inexpensive
  • Provide electronic copy for backup security and disaster recovery.
  • Save valuable space that can be used for other revenue earning activities
  • Increase efficiency - find any document in seconds
  • Improve the quality of you customer service

For more Information


Email -   or On-line form...HERE

Tel  0800 008 7995

Unique Pricing Structure for Legal & Insurance Companies

With many existing clients working in the Legal and Insurance area we became aware of a need for:

  • Clear itemised pricing
  • The ability to send small batches to the Bureau and yet receive large volume discounts.
  • The confidence that the service provider understands all your needs
  • Security and Confidentiality - from Collection to Disposal

You must agree to:

  • Have documents ready for collection on the agreed date
  • Meet a minimum monthly Invoice Value of 150.00
  • Pay all Invoices within 30 Days

You will then benefit from the following Generous Pricing Structure




Client File        

Client File      

   “         “         

   “         “         



CD Production 

All prices subject to VAT

1 per month


normal level

max 200 pages

201-350       “


601-950       “


Con’ Shred’g

1 per batch


At Cost


3.00/ file

4.50/ file

6.00/ file

8.00/ file

    25p/ file

2.00 / Bankers Box

5.00/ CD

Save even More - Contract Based Discounts

For those who are interested in entering into a one years contract we can provide an even more competitive pricing structure.

For more information please get in touch by simply CLICKING here

Law Society Guidelines

For those who would like a little more information about the scanning of documents in the Legal Sector here is the Law Society Guide

Guidance - Ownership, storage and Destruction of Documents

The Law Society