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DIY Scanning

This is a section for you who have made the decission to go it alone and do all your scanning in-house

When I say go it alone thats not quite true because we have produced a series of guides based on our 13 years as a scanning bureau and more year than we care to remember in the microfilm arena. Due to the amount of material we have decided to make it available as a series of free white papers. To obtain the first paper, available now, and then later papers when available please tick the appropriate box on the form provided.

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On-Site Scanning Services



If you have highly confidential documents or perhaps your records need to be available at a moments notice, then, on-site scanning service would solve your problems.

We can arrange to come onto your site at an agreed time which is convenient to you.

We will provide all staff and equipment to scan you documents as you require.

As you can probably appreciate this is more costly alternative than Bureau scanning but in some cases it provides a solution to a difficult problem.

If you like to find out more about this service please do not hesitate to contact us.