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Archive Scanning

Archive scanning is the conversion, to digital format, of the accumulation of paper documents that have to be retained by law for a minimum of 6 years. Some industries and business will find that longer periods of retention apply to them. For example Insurance documents which often have retention a time of 25 years and can ,in some cases be retained indefinitely.

The requirements and considerations that apply to the scanning of archive documents differs from those for the scanning of  regular ongoing documents. Here are some of the considerations to be born in mind.


Document archive1

It is important to get things right from the very outset of a project. Pagefree work very closely with prospective clients to ensure that all stages of the archive process are carried out to the clients complete satisfaction. Archives are by their nature large and unwieldy so care must be taken to plan ahead. It is important to know if the archive is to be moved to storage in sections or at one visit and if it is to be handled in several batches the timing and quantities should be agreed well in advance. The way in which the archive is to be scanned is important it maybe that there are set time scales, possibly even with penalties, or it may be that this is not important giving the scanning service provider more flexibility. This is a situation often reflected in a reduced scanning cost.

At this time it is also important to know if the documents need to be scanned and returned in a particular order. If this is the case then the storage containers must be clearly marked and a schedule for removing the documents from their current location determined.

Document Collection

Once the above planning is complete and the time for collection arives it will be necessary to load the documents into storage crates and clearly mark these so that they can be handled in the correct order upon reaching the scanning bureau. There are many methods to acheive this from a simple labelling sytem to the use of sophisticated Bar Code tecnologies.

Document Scanning

Pagefree will carry out the scanning of documents according to the previously agreed instructions. This will obviously detail the type of images required, the retreival method ( CD, Internet ect ), the fields of indexing and the format Indexed Tiff, PDF etc. In addition the quantity and regularity of the scanning must be controlled and reports on the progress fed back to the client as agreed. The final considerations will include the arrangements for invoicing and also the destruction or return of documents.

Access to Documents

Scanning of a large archive will invariably mean that the documents are away from the owners for some amount of time. This will tend to be much longer than in the case of scanning ongoing documents due to the quantities. The need to access documents during this time will no doubt arise. This is not a problem as individual documents or whole files can be retrieved and either scanned and emailed, faxed. the originals returned or scanned and posted on the internet for collection by authorised persons. Pagefree thus ensure that the client is never without access to the documents during the scanning process.

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